Work with a friend to define what a "packet" is. Think about how they are used, how much and how often you get one, what they are for, how you view them, what they do for you, and your feelings towards them.

Well we get packets a lot and I would rather learn some other way.

A packet is a booklet of papers with activities and questions in it, usually stapled together. You get them in school, and, if you're an adult, at work nearly everyday. Packets can be very simple or difficult. They be fun or boring. But, they are always educational.

A packet is a lot of papers. That is not fun to do.And we have to do it every day.They don't help me work.My hands hurt after I do a regular packet.

A packet is a stapled pack of paper with questions and activities. You get them at school very often. Sometimes adults get them, too. Packets can be easy or hard. They also help you learn. They can be fun, too. (Sometimes!) But they also can be boring.

A packet is a group of papers that are tests,quizs and or worksheets that require kids of certain ages and skill as in the 4th grade SOL's . Most kids don't like them.They do help you get smarter but they aren't fun and drag on and on .

It is a group of papers that you work on or with. It can be Homework, a test or something you have to read. I get one almost everyday. They help us learn lot's of things.

A packet is a certain amount of paper's that you work on. In a test or a quiz.

A packet is something that has stack of papers stapled up. I get them sometimes in a test . The packets I get are making me learn a lot. Some of them can be a lot of different subjects. I like them very much because it is helping everybody work and think. The packets are giving me a good feeling because it makes me want to learn so much that I will learn more. Sometimes I do it with a pencil.

A packet is a lot of papers stapled together. They help you learn different thinks. I don't like to work in packet. I use it by reading it and writing in it.

A packet is a lot of papers.They help you learn a lot of stuff.We do not use them a lot.I use packets by reading and writing.

A packet is a booklet of papers with activities and questions in it, paper that you write on. I don't usually

I think they are always educational.

A packet is a certain amount of papers stapled into one thing.I personally don't like them. But they do make you smarter.

A packet is fill with papers. Packet are used to working on then and for doing paper work for school, work and drawing.I get packets when I in school and some packet are fun too. Some time packet can help people in need.I uses lots of packet in class.

A packet is a bunch of papers that are put together. They can be questions, math problems, or things just for fun, and lots more. I do like packets, but I do not get them a lot. Most packets are meant for learning, but sometimes they are just for fun. Packets also have a lot of other activities. I do learn a lot from packets because they are fun to me, and they are very good at teaching review. I personally think. I use packets by reading the questions in them and writing in them when I answer a question. That is what I think about packets.

A packet is paper that is stapled together and write on.They are used to see how much you know or if you under stand what you have learned.I sometimes like packets and sometimes I don't like them,but they do help you learn.